A downloadable game for Windows

How to play:

  • The plane follows the mouse cursor.
  •  Left-click to shoot.
  • The gun will overheat if you shoot too much.

A simple game I originally made for a class. Some people thought it was good and told me to upload it, so this is it. I am not currently actively developing it anymore and am making other games instead, but if this has promise, I will revisit this. In that respect, it might be more of a prototype than a proper release I guess.

Things I would add/fix if I were to revisit:

  • Make it possible to change the resolution and full screen
  • Make it playable in Mac, Linux, and Web Browser. I do not think mobile can be done nicely despite the simplicity of the game.
  • Gameplay-wise, maybe add more enemies and weapons or something. I wanted to add missiles, but I made it for a class pretty close to the deadline so I cut some things out.
  • Some UI improvements.
  • Improve the audio loudness. Make it adjustable. I think as it is now, some UI sound effects are too loud and the music is too quiet.
  • Global leaderboard.
  • Maybe I could expand the game in another direction.

I did all the code and art. I am not an artist. If the art looks like bad MS Paint drawings, that is because that is exactly what it is.

The screenshots are not flattering and the game looks far better in motion. It might look a bit weird due to the screen shake. The video is a better representative of the game.

This was written using C++ and OpenFrameworks. The audio was not mine. The music during gameplay is the Afterburner II theme song, which I did not make. The other sound effects are taken from Soniss's free GDC soundpacks. 

Install instructions

Unzip the zip and run the .exe

Please comment if that doesn't work.

Only works for Windows, sorry. If enough people want it, I can make a version for Mac and/or Linux.

It will run in a fixed 1280x960 window that cannot be resized or made full screen. Sorry about that. I tried to make it have proper resolution settings and whatnot but I was having difficulties getting it to work nicely with OpenFrameworks.


supercruise_redist5_070119.zip 17 MB

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